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25 May 2021
Virtual, Germany
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Virtual Meetings - How does it work?

1) Registration

Register via the green "Register now" button.

We recommend to download the "b2match" mobile app (iOS/Android) to

  • get access to your meeting schedule on your mobile phone
  • be informed about last-minute changes (bookings, cancellations)
  • manage additional meetings on-site (send/receive/confirm requests)

2) Publish a profile to showcase your expertise

Create a clear and concise profile to raise your visibility on this platform.
Your profile should describe who you are, what you can offer to potential partners and for which specific domain.

3) Describe your specific offer or request in the "Marketplace" 

This step is the most important one! If you don’t complete it, you won’t appear in the “Marketplace” and you won’t be able to discuss with the other participants!

4) Browse profiles and connect with others

Be active not reactive. Browse published profiles, find out who is offering interesting solutions and on which topic(s) they want to collaborate and bookmark them to add them to your WISHLIST. 
Adding a meaningful remark as to why you are interested in a contact will increase the chance that your request will be accepted.

    5) Send & receive meeting requests

    Once your offer/request has been validated, you can go to "Participants" and start chatting or send messages.

    1. Identify promising participants on the Participants list or the Marketplace page on the event's website. Once you found a suitable meeting partner, click on the  participant's card in order to access their profile.

    2. Use the Messaging functionality to chat about common interests and availability.

    3. Click on Request Meeting, under the participant's photo, to request a meeting.

    4. Check My agenda and Meetings for your schedule and your list of confirmed meetings.

    5. D-DAY: Meetings taking place remotely

    There will be two slots for the virtual meetings, with 20 minutes scheduled for each meeting booked.
    Slot 1:   9 - 12 o'clock
    Slot 2: 13 - 16 o'clock

    At the agreed time, go to Meetings, and click on the Start Meeting button.
    Depending on the previous settings you have on your computer, some browsers will ask permission to use your microphone and camera, others won't. Make sure these permissions are enabled, as you won't hear/see your meetings partner if they aren't. More on technical requirements for virtual meetings here

    A virtual meeting can be started at any given time before its ending time and it won't stop automatically. One of the participants has to end it. The remaining time is displayed on the green card in the top right corner, as the End meeting button and the Invite guests button.

    The next meeting card will be displayed with one minute before the next meeting. Clicking on Start Next Meeting will end the current meeting and will start the next one.

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